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Latest reviews

"Kenya in yellow: This is by far my favourite design in the collection. Love the colours and style. The fit on all the shirts are great. I would like it if this design was also in White."  Elaine, Zürich

"Night Sky: This shirt is very versatile. Great for work, casual and parties. There are not that many 'grey' shirts I would by, but this one was the right shade and the ® Reina de Santiago design fits perfectly with it."  Elaine, Zürich

"Shells in indigo: I like the 'no fuss' look about this shirt." Elaine, Zürich

"A great mix of tradition and business look - you just feel special in a ® Reina de Santiago shirt."  Imke, Basel

"Love the cut, shows off my cleavage :-)"  A.J.E, London

"I just tried my ® Reina de Santiago blouse, It's amazingly well cut. I love it! and my husband as well who is very picky."  Zina, Basel

"I love my ® Reina de Santiago blouse. It's unique and I am complimented every time I wear it.  It's great for parties or business." Jen, San Francisco